What Would Google Do?

October 21, 2009
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A very good book which raises a large number of internet age questions using Google and its business strategy as a catalyst for the discussion. This is a must read for anyone dealing with business in any way, shape or form in the current era of technological change. Definitely read this book before making any […]

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The Lost Symbol

October 13, 2009
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Publisher’s Summary from The Lost Symbol, the stunning follow-up to The Da Vinci Code, is a masterstroke of storytelling – a deadly race through a real-world labyrinth of codes and unseen truths…all under the watchful eye of a terrifying villain. Set within the unseen tunnels and temples of Washington, D.C., The Lost Symbol accelerates […]

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The Doomsday Key

September 22, 2009
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Publisher’s Summary from At Princeton University, a famed geneticist dies inside a biohazard lab. In Rome, a Vatican archaeologist is found dead in St. Peter’s Basilica. In Africa, a U.S. senator’s son is slain outside a Red Cross camp. The three murders on three continents bear a horrifying connection: all the victims are marked […]

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Gone Tomorrow

September 11, 2009
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Publisher’s Summary from New York City. Two in the morning. A subway car heading uptown. Jack Reacher, plus five other passengers. Four are okay. The fifth isn’t. In the next few tense seconds Reacher will make a choice and trigger an electrifying chain of events in this gritty, gripping masterwork of suspense by #1 […]

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Divine Justice

August 27, 2009
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Publisher’s Summary from Known by his alias, “Oliver Stone,” John Carr is the most wanted man in America. With two pulls of the trigger, the men who destroyed Stone’s life and kept him in the shadows were finally silenced. But his freedom comes at a steep price: The assassinations he carried out prompt the […]

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Cemetery Dance

August 25, 2009
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From William Smithback, a New York Times reporter, and his wife Nora Kelly, a Museum of Natural History archeologist, are brutally attacked in their apartment on the Upper West side of Manhattan. Eyewitnesses claim and the security camera confirms the killer seen leaving the building was their strange, sinister neighbor – a man who, […]

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The Associate

August 4, 2009
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Description from Shelfari The Associate Kyle McAvoy grew up in his fathers small-town law office in York, Pennsylvania. He excelled in college, was elected editor-in-chief of The Yale Law Journal , and his future has limitless potential. But Kyle has a secret, a dark one, an episode from college that he has tried to forget. […]

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The Scarecrow

July 24, 2009
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Publisher’s Summary as found on Forced out of the Los Angeles Times amid the latest budget cuts, newspaperman Jack McEvoy decides to go out with a bang, using his final days at the paper to write the definitive murder story of his career. He focuses on Alonzo Winslow, a 16-year-old drug dealer in jail […]

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Dog On It

July 2, 2009
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Editorial Review from Shelfari Meet Chet, the wise and lovable canine narrator of Dog on It, who works alongside Bernie, a down-on-his-luck private investigator. Chet might have flunked out of police school (“I’d been the best leaper in K-9 class, which had led to all the trouble in a way I couldn’t remember exactly, although […]

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June 22, 2009
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Editorial Review from Shelfari – From storm drains, illegal dumps, and flooded landfills, all of North Americas most advanced technology flows down the Mississippi Rivermicrochips, nano-devices, pharmaceuticals, genetically modified seedand lodges in the Louisiana delta. Out of this mire emerges a self-organized neural net, drifting in the water: the Watermind. It can freeze, boil, condense, […]

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