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Restaurant Seating

by Administrator on January 18, 2015

Why, in an almost empty restaurant, do we always get seated directly next to the few other people in the restaurant, versus being given some space and privacy? In most restaurants, we must repeatedly ask to be seated with some spacing between us and other people, even when the restaurant is sparsely populated. I assume this is to optimize the performance of the wait staff, and ostensibly, to provide better service, but it just seems wrong to pile customers one atop another when the ability to space tables out exists.


Tuneup Media – A Company Which Really Needs a Tune Up

by Administrator on April 26, 2011

I have been using Tuneup on my Windows PC since May of 2009. I bought the product after MusicMatch went defunct and needed a tool to clean MP3 tags and album art. I’ll admit that the product was always just average from a performance perspective – cleaning recommendations didn’t match with too high a hit rate and the user interface and user experience left a lot to be desired. Having said that, I got by with this, Music Monkey and MusicIP as ways to clean my MP3 library. Around April 21, 2011, Tuneup Media released a new version of Tuneup and the product has been unusable on my PC ever since. It seems that the company spent some time and money investing in “lots of big improvements to TuneUp: – Shiny new user interface – New Tuniverse tab integrated with Concerts and Share
– Major performance and stability improvements throughout” (These excerpts from the company’s website). Needless to say, the company should have spent some time on testing and investing in help desk and customer service resources, since the product is unusable and after pinging their help desk, I received a response 72 hours later which did not solve the problem AND should have been available in a self-help section of their web site anyway.

What’s the problem here? There appear to be a significant number of users with the same issue as mine – after posting my online help ticket, I received responses from fellow “de-tuned” users whose applications had been rendered useless AND without tangible or responsive support. I admit that I am spoiled – I expect consumer products to work, I expect companies which make a living building software to know how to test, how to document, how to support and how to provide a framework for self-help in the age of user forums and real super-users. What I experienced with Tuneup Media is a company that appears not to have its act together in any of these areas and that hopes to muddle through without embracing the true power of its user base to deliver a better product. I assume the company will survive this, that it will provide faster turnaround than 72 hour to answer support questions in the future and that they will deliver a product that has “Major performance and stability improvements throughout”. Maybe the company could use its own tune up.

TEXT HIGHLIGHTING EXCERPT FROM SUBMITTED TICKET: Since the latest upgrade, Tuneup basically is “importing tracks into tuneup” for hours. Clean is unusable, Coverart is unusable, deduper is unusable. Tried rebooting, reloading restarting, still importing tracks endlessly.

Dearest TuneUp User –
We sincerely apologize for the delay in responding to your Support inquiry. Due to a high volume of support requests over the past couple of days, replies are taking longer than the usual 24 hour turn around time. Please rest assured that we’re doing everything in our power to answer everyone’s inquiry as soon as possible.
Thanks for your patience and understanding.
TuneUp Media Support

Hello there,
Please reset the cache. To do this, you will need to restart TuneUp and while it launches, hold the Control + Shift + R keys.
Please confirm if this resolves your issue.
Thank You

This didn’t hep – I am still waiting – but why couldn’t this be in a self-help FAQ – I could have avoided waiting 100 hours for 0 value?

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December 16, 2009

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