Total Knee Replacement – Inpatient Rehab Recreational Therapy

by Pauline on April 25, 2010

The recreational therapists had me come to a group session where us patients all played a board game from our wheelchairs. Sounded simple enough but the trick was that you had to stand up on your turn, throw the dice and move your marker, answer the question associated with the card, and try to increase your time standing each turn while they timed you. This was unbelievably difficult and I sweat so much and became so fatigued and in pain after what I truly thought was 4-5 minutes. Found out that I was only lasting 1 or 2 minutes when the goal was 4 to 5 minutes each time. I was surprised how fatigued, sweaty, and shaky I would get but a good exercise to increase your endurance with activity over time. Other recreational therapy exercises were wheelchair exercises to  different music where we would all do various leg/arm exercises while seated. Another was “relays” with about 10 stations we would move to in the room that would describe the exercise and number of repetitions you would do at each one.

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