Amsterdam Canals at Night from the Paradis Boat Tour

Private Boat Tours – Amsterdam

by Administrator on August 12, 2007

This was a romantic, gourmet, and culturally fulfilling way to experience Amsterdam from its canals. We chartered the Saloon Boat Paradis from Private Boat Tours in Amsterdam. The Paradis was built in 1920 and its narrow shape and low structure allows the beautiful vessel to go anywhere, from the narrow canals of the Amsterdam ‘Jordaan’ to the heart of the famed red-light district. And that’s exactly what we did, with the addition of three gourmet hotel/restaurant stops along the way. The way this was arranged, we were picked up at the Hotel de l’Europe by the ship’s captain where the ship docked. It was early in the evening with the sun still shining. From there we enjoyed a large number of the sights available while cruising the Amsterdam canals until our first destination, the Amstel Hotel for appetizers. These were expertly brought on board the Paradis as we stopped for only enough time to bring the food aboard. We were then off, now enjoying the views and the appetizers. For the main course, we stopped at Restaurant Zuid Zeeland and for dessert, we happened to return to Hotel de l’Europe. We were finishing as the sun set and we enjoyed the rest of the canal tour at night, including the red district. A culinary feast, a sightseeing adventure, and wonderful interaction with a local captain who educated us about the local culture, customs and traditions while navigating the canals.

The Paradis in Amsterdam

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