Working with Latitude and Longitude in Google Maps

by Administrator on May 20, 2011

I was recently experimenting with the WordPress IOS application on my iPad2 and posted some updates with location awareness, i.e. the post included latitude and longitude. I am interested in being able to do mobile posts which carry the location with it so I can associate events with places more readily in my posts, eventually displaying them on a map. The WordPress app worked as billed, posting latitude and longitude in decimal format along with the blog post. What I needed to do next was to verify that the coordinates were correct.

Using Google Maps, this is extremely straighforward. To find the location within Google Maps based on latitude and longitude, all you have to do is enter them in decimal format into the Google Map search area. For example, the coordinates I had for Bellagio Resort in Las Vegas, Nevada was 36.1130380156326, -115.17682313919067. Entering these coordinates into the Google Map Search Bar yielded the desired results.

Bellagio Based on Latitude, Longitude

Bellagio Based on Latitude, Longitude in Google Maps

Getting Lat / Long from Google Maps is less obvious and requires using javascript. Once the exact location you are interested in knowing the latitude and longitude for is CENTERED in the Google Map, entering the following text string into your browser’s url box returns latitude and longitude in decimal format:


If anyone has an easier and free approach to getting these same results, please let me know.

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