Morels French Steakhouse and Bistro

It was almost a little too hot to sit outside this evening, but being from Chicago, the urge to eat al fresco whenever humanly and mother naturely possible is overwhelmingly. So we tried Morels, partly because of the menu, partly because it is new to us and partly because there is patio seating overlooking the strip. The outside seating is nice, basically on a patio above the strip across from TI. Once can certainly hear and experience the Sirens of TI from the restaurant, although it is far enough away to take away any TItillation. Enough of that. This restaurant is another good entry in the French Bistro category, with an especially deep selection of cheeses – better than most restaurants of this type. Service was good, with good teamwork between the servers. Nothing was rushed, and sometimes orders took a little time from placement to receipt; this was OK for us, perhaps it would drive someone else crazy. For appetizer we tried wild baja prawns and a classic cheese fondue. Both were very good, the cocktail sauce for the prawns spicy buy flavorful. In my search for the best braised short ribs in town, we tried them here and was not disappointed. We paired this entrée with a “side accompaniment” of lobster tail and it was more than a meal for two. We added the obligatory chef’s mac and cheese (with blue, parmesan, ementhal and gruyere cheeses) to round out dinner. This was a nice place to linger, especially outside when the evening cooled down a little into the 70’s. Link

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