Onboard the Celebrity Equinox – Day 11

The last full day on the ship – truly a good day and a sad day. A good day because it is a vacation day and you have the full run of the ship. Enjoy an un-rushed buffet breakfast for the last time, read another book on the deck, go to the fitness center and finally burn off the calories from Day 1 of the cruise, enjoy a leisurely lunch at Bistro on 5…

Basically the last day gives you a chance to revisit every nook, cranny, locale, venue, what-have-you of the ship you loved and wouldn’t be seeing again for awhile unless you had indulged in a back-to-back on this ship.

After this day, disembark the ship and go back to your regular (more normal?) lives and look forward to your next vacation.

Here are the Celebrity Today Dailies and the last one for tomorrow morning:

Celebrity Today 20120223 Daily

Celebrity Today 20120223 Activities and Dining

Celebrity Today 20120224 Daily

Why is today sad? No more steel drums tomorrow!

No More Steel Drums
No More Steel Drums

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