Rain Fall

From BarryEisler.com: “I insist on only a few questions. Is the target a man? I don’t work against women or children. Have you retained anyone else to solve this problem? I don’t want my operation getting tripped up by someone’s idea of a B-team, and if you retain me, it’s an exclusive. Is the target a principal? I solve problems directly, like the soldier I once was, not by sending messages through uninvolved third parties… ”

“I’m not a mercenary, although I was nothing more than that once upon a time. And although I do in a sense live a life of service, I am no longer samurai, either.. I am a realist now.”

These are the words of John Rain, a likable assassin for hire! This is another great series combining intrigue, espionage, spy craft and sometimes a bit of romance. I really enjoy this series and have read a large number of the books. If this genre interests you, visit the author’s website and investigate the books further.

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