Shaw’s Crab House

This Schaumburg restaurant continues to be a favorite for both an upscale night on the town in the main dining room or a more casual evening in the “Oyster Bar”. Lobster, crab, halibut, salmon, tilapia and scallops have all been wonderful on recent visits. We also frequent Shaw’s for sushi, and although the selection is more limited than at a dedicated sushi restaurant, all the selections are wonderfully flavorful and fresh. Service is outstanding no matter which of the sections you sit in and the management team almost always makes the rounds to insure that your evening is going as planned. This restaurant is absolutely on our top restaurant list as a venue offering everything from a casual dinner break to a real memorable meal. ***During warm season months, the patio is also a great place to relax and is covered, in case the weather turns unexpectedly. *** Actually as of May 2011, the patio is now part of Tokio Pub, a small plate eatery and no longer part of Shaw’s. Schaumburg Last Visited: August 2015 Link

Shaws Blue Crab Finger Appetizer
Shaws Blue Crab Finger Appetizer



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