SW Steakhouse

Where DB Brasserie failed to meet expectations this time, SW Steakhouse blew us away. Also situated on Wynn’s Lake of Dreams, we had requested outside seating along the railing the same as DB. Here, though, when we showed up, we were shown to a perfect table for two to enjoy the evening. The team at SW was so accommodating, that when we asked for a pillow to soften the support on the rather stiff patio seating, the answer was an immediate delivery of a cushion to help us enjoy the next 3 hours of dining. Appetizers were a caprese salad and a lobster salad, both wonderful. We also tried a tomato soup which was wonderful and entrees were scallaps wrapped in bacon with risotto and a very petite filet which, although not on the menu, was suggested when we expressed our reluctance to dive into some of their much bigger cuts of beef. Desserts were a crème brullee and a hazelnut cake. This is a pricey place; but reserving it for a special occasion will not disappoint. At 8PM the show on the Lake of Dreams adds additional sensory input and enjoyment. Link

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