Total Knees-Discharge from Outpatient Therapy

I finished outpatient physical therapy just before Christmas 2009. We ended up having to request extra PT visits from my insurance as they only allow so many per year regardless of your problem or diagnosis. That was a bit of a struggle as therapy had to fax all my detailed therapy notes but in the end they did approve a few more visits because of my problems with scar tissue and returning to surgery for the manipulation. It felt good to be able to walk with minimal pain, ride a stationary bike, get back into the pool for exercise classes, and most of all drive a car again. Although I had a “rockier” post op course than some folks, i.e. ┬áproblems with my wounds healing and the scar tissue limiting my motion, all that did get better . Although my flexion and extension knee measurements were not “perfect” they improved immensely and were within an acceptable range. My surgeon saw me in December and said “see you next year”.

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