Total Knee Replacement – Inpatient Rehab Physical Therapy

I walked with a walker farther distances in the halls with physical therapy who also did some bending and straightening exercises with me lying on an adjustable “table”. The physical therapist provided me a walker which went on the hospital bill and insurance did cover. They also put sheepskin cushions on the handles of the walker as my hands were getting red and sore holding the hard plastic handles. I also had an adjustable cane which eventually I did use once I did not need the walker anymore (after several outpatient therapy sessions).  They continued to do more measurements of my progress with knee bending (flexion) and straightening (extension). The physical therapists recommended I change positions and stand up from my chair frequently too for circulation and increased mobility. I did ask the nurses on nights for help in position changes/turning over in bed and fresh ice packs which tend to melt and slip off your knees unfortunately. The physical therapists had the best ice “blankets” that are thinner, moldable, self contained, large, and don’t need refilling which I could use only during the day.  The therapists also provided various diagrams of exercises I would continue at home with the number of repetitions for each which I put in the resource binder the staff had given me.

The original plan was for me to go home on Saturday post op day 11 but on Thursday it was decided that therapy was more limited on Sat. with no real difference for me to stay so I was going home Friday afternoon after my therapies. The therapist also showed my husband some helpful hints for assisting me at home with transferring from the bed to the chair, getting in/out of the shower, etc. so he would be more comfortable caring for me at home.

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