Total Knees-One Year Later

I was able to get back to work about 8 mos, later which is not usually the “norm” after this surgery. It was not because of my knees so much but it was hard finding part time work in hospitals as most had hiring freezes on in spring. I was asked by many people would I do this surgery again? Yes! as I felt I would not be walking had I not done it. One of my knees feels better than the other which I hear is quite common in knee patients. Artificial joints are not like natural knees so that “feels” different with some getting used to..mine still make some noises and one hurts more than the other but not nearly as bad as before the surgery. I have some difficulty getting down on the floor and back up without furniture to “lean on” but can kneel for short periods. I do set off airport alarms with my metal knees and, by the way, having a total knee replacement ID card means nothing to airport security. Expect to be “wanded” and patted down if you do fly and allow yourself extra time in your travels for this. Each day gets better and it feels great to be back at work and able to do many things I enjoy that I could not do before the surgery. I’m still glad I did both knees surgery at the same time as some folks I know did not and are afraid of the pain to go back and get their other knee done. Yet, I hear them complain about how their knee hurts and they “should do it” but don’t. Unwise, I think as you are stressing both joints and in waiting too long your rehab will be harder. I do recommend pool therapy to anyone with arthritis and also after this surgery as you can do so much more in the pool motion-wise that you cannot do “on land”. And, the warm water feels good too! You will meet people there who have had knee and hip surgeries as well as those who have arthritis and may be contemplating surgery themselves. Some  can be a big source of helpful information for you.

I am hoping I get 30 years out of my new knees as my surgeon predicts. Good luck to anyone considering this surgery. Not an easy decision to make but definitely worth it for your quality of life!

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