Vong’s Thai Kitchen

Alert: VTK Closing end of December 2009

Vong’s Thai Kitchen or VTK bills itself as a delightful departure from traditional Thai food. All our Thai favorites are here, plus all the dishes are prepared fresh so you can go from mild to wild in the spice department. Our favorite soup, chicken coconut-milk soup or tom kha gai, is wonderfully served over a warmer with a ladle to serve youself – and it is extremely flavorful. Chicken satays with peanut sauce and shrimp and chicken potstickers are equally wonderful. For an entree, the Tamarind Beef Tenderloin was outstanding, although the fried rice accompaniment was a lttle heavy on fish sauce for our taste. The signature shrimp and crab pad thai is the best. Save room for desserts, the warm valrhona chocolate cake sooths the palate after the spice and the warm passion fruit souffle has a wonderful tropical flavor. This is a small but nice dining room, several booths on the State Street side are cozy as well as booths on the opposite wall. The room is nicely darkened even during a bright Chicago summer evening so the mood is very relaxing. Visited: June 2009 Link


I received this notice November 23, 2009

After ten years of serving some of the finest Thai cuisine, Vong’s Thai Kitchen will be closing at the end of December 2009. We thank our loyal Lettuce Entertain You Frequent Diners and invite you to savor VTK’s exotic cuisine and Jean Georges classics one more time!
We are thrilled to feature many delicious VTK classics for the month of December including…

Tuna Wasabi Pizza
Pekin Duck Rolls
Tamarind BBQ Spare Ribs
Lemongrass Chicken
Singapore Chili Crab

Thanks again for 10 great years!

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