Wynn’s Lake of Dreams

There are multiple ways to experience this venue, both DB Brasserie and SW Steakhouse overlook it; and there is a bar built with it as a focal point. To understate it, the entertainment is basically a man made lake surrounded by lush pines, flowers and other foliage which give a nicely isolated or secluded feel, even though the Las Vegas strip is somewhere nearby. The focal point is a large waterfall wall, which provides a sonic backdrop of rushing water between shows, and acts as a projection screen for some of the shows. Interestingly enough, just the flowing water is soothing enough, but there’s more. Add a singing frog, dancing flowers and animated images, and the area comes alive every 30 minutes from 8PM in the summer time. The frog sings “Low Rider” and “What a Wonderful World”, flowers dance to “Clair de Lune” and there’s some great dancing and animation projected for “Jungle Bill” and “Oh Yeah”. Go there, have fun

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